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Details on the BusVignette



All companies who enter the Old Town of Rothenburg to drop off or pick-up overnight guests and their luggage are eligible.


BusVignette regulations


  • Compulsory pilotage
    At certain times and on certain routes buses must take a hotel-appointed pilot on-board. The following regulations apply for this:

    • Compulsory pilotage only applies for arrival and departure at the following hotels:

      • Hotel Altes Brauhaus
      • Hotel Goldener Hirsch

    • No compulsory pilotage is necessary for arrival and departure at other hotels.
    • No compulsory pilot is needed from 7 January to 20 March
    • A compulsory pilot is only needed for the rest of the time between 11:00 and 18:00.
    • During compulsory pilotage, buses may only drive into the Old Town with a hotel-appointed pilot wearing high-visibility clothing labelled "Lotse".
    • Collection point for the pilots is at the »oversize car park P3 "Schweinsdorfer Straße".
    • The hotel must be informed at least 15 minutes before the bus arrives at car park P3, so that they can provide a pilot in good time.


  • Old Town Closures
    The BusVignette does not apply on days when the Old Town is closed off. These are defined as follows:

    • Spring Awakening
    • Whitsun
    • Imperial City Days

  • Other closures
    Other short-term closures are rare but possible. Check for an update on the current situation before setting off. The following closures are currently in place:

    --- none ---

  • Christmas Market
    Please inform yourself about the exact period of the Christmas market in Rothenburg if the Tauber on our homepage.
    During the Christmas market, some hotels are not allowed to be approached. The individual regulations for the individual hotels must be observed. They are delivered to you as PDF files with the BusVignette and are available on this website.

  • Height restrictions
    Height restrictions only apply for arrival and departure at the following hotels:

    Eisenhut3.90 m
    Altes Brauhaus3.90 m
    Goldener Hirsch3.90 m
    Prinzhotel3.90 m
    Reichsküchenmeister – via Schrannenplatz3.90 m
    Tilman Riemenschneider – via Schrannenplatz3.90 m
    Schranne3.70 m

    Buses with a vehicle height of 3.70 m to 3.90 m may only drive through the Galgentor at walking pace and must keep within the white broken lines.

  • Only overnight guests with luggage may be taken to the hotel on arrival and picked up from the hotel on departure.
  • The bus may only drive to the respective hotel using the prescribed route. 
  • The BusVignette is issued per bus company. This allows several buses from the same bus company to drive into the town on the same day.
  • The bus driver must always carry the BusVignette with him either in paper or digital form.
  • Turning and reversing the bus must be assisted by the hotel's appointed guide wearing high-visibility clothing.
Download application form

Application documents

The application form only requires name, address and contact details.


To make it easier for you ...

To make it as easy as possible for bus drivers, we have put together a list of what needs to be observed for each hotel. Here you can download the information as a pdf document.

Tilman Riemenschneider
Hotel Reichsküchenmeister
Hotel Altes Brauhaus
Hotel Goldener Hirsch
Hotel Schranne